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Welcome to the official web page for the Virginia 1,000yd Benchrest Club.        

The home of long range shooting in the Northern VA area. The club currently shoots benchrest matches at 1,000yds. If you have never fired at long range before come on out and join us.
     Matches are normally held from April through November, with a State Championship match held once a year and a National Championship match hosted when selected. Our current VA 1000 Club home range is at the Harry Jones Range near Fairmont, West Virginia. See links on the bulletin Board Page.
    Benchrest is a very specialized sport where the object of the game is to shoot the smallest possible 5 or 10 shot group, or the highest score at 1,000yds on a 42" square target.
That sounds like a big target right? Well the "X" ring is 3" in diameter and the 10 ring is 6" in diameter. If you stray too far from those higher scoring rings you have probably been beaten in the more specialized classes.         There are a lot of tough shooters that shoot this game, but a new shooter has nothing to fear by showing up at a match with a factory rifle to shoot in the factory class. With some preparatory work, to make sure the rifle and scope have enough elevation to get on target, you will have some fun. You can do much worse than to show up with a Remington Sendero type rifle in 300 Win Mag with a 12 power minimum scope. One nice thing about this game is you will see all sorts of wildcats and factory cases being used. Anything from a 22-250 on up to the giant 338 wildcats are all shooting side by side.
   During a regular match there are 3 classes of rifles used to compete with. The Light Gun(LG), the Heavy Gun(HG), and the Factory Gun class. A LG has to weigh 17# or less, use a rear sandbag, and fires 5 shots for the record target. The heavy gun class is like the top fuel dragsters you see racing on TV on 1/4 mile drag strips over 300mph. They are called cars but they don't look like anything on the highway, nor does anything run like them either. That is the perfect way to describe the HG class. There is no weight limit, stock limitations, etc. It has to be a safe, bolt action rifle, that fires 10 shots for record and uses mechanical front and rear rests with at least 1/2" of sand around any area that touches the rifle. The factory class is just that, you use a factory gun and fire 5 shots for the record target. There is a section describing these classes in more detail with pictures within this site so please feel free to browse around.
   After you have looked around the web site and you have any questions about the club, rules, match dates, etc., please feel free to email or call any member on the points-of-contact page and they will be more than glad to help you. Thank you for your interest in the VA 1000 Benchrest Club and enjoy the web site. Don't be intimidated by the distance we shoot or the size of the guns. Come on out and joins us some weekend at a match and have a good time..

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