Virginia 1,000yd Benchrest Club

IBS Meeting News about Va. Club

In 2012, a total of 156 shooters earned points in 1000 yard matches. There were a total of 177 days of competition for IBS long range in the USA in 2012. Average attendance at long range matches is 30 shooters.

And if you think that the competition is tough at our Va. 1000 club matches, you are correct. Of the top 25 IBS Long Range shooters, 18 competed regulary at the Virginia 1000 Yard Benchrest Club matches in 2012. WOW!

1000 yard nationals for 2013 will be held at Yukon in Missouri.

Precision Shooting magazine is no longer being published. The IBS Board is working with to become the publishing site for current IBS news, this is not yet fully defined and agreed, but it has great promise to raise awareness and interest in all IBS shooting disciplines. The IBS web site will continue to be the source for match results, records, schedules, and all information that is now on the IBS site. .

Long range committee for 2013

Stanley Taylor

Steve Sabo

Ken House

Shannon Lowman

Jim Bauer

Sam Hall

Mike Wallace

Some awards handed out at the meeting.

2012 IBS Top 20 1000yd. Shooters

2012 SOY Sally Bauer, Presenters Stanley Taylor and Steve Sabo

Stanley Taylor Presenter

Stanley is very exited about this.

3rd. Place SOY Jim Bauer

4th. Place SOY Larry Bryant

5th. Place SOY Mike Gaizauskas

7th. Place SOY Jim Ohara

8th. Place SOY Stanley Taylor presenter Steve Sabo

13th. Place SOY Ken House

14th. Place SOY Bob Rosen

Special Awards

Long Range Marksman Gold Award Bob Rosen

Long Range Marksman Gold Award Larry Bryant

Long Range Marksman Silver Award Stanley Tayler

IBS Record Awards

James O’Hara set LG 10 Match Group record (4.5389 inches)

Mike Gaizauskas set three HG records:

10 Match Group (5.6664 inches)

10 Match Score (95.30)

6 Match Group (4.4935 inches)

2012 Rookie Richard John

Thanks Stanley, it was a long day!


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