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VA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club Announces.....

"Factory Class" Competition

The VA 1,000 YD Benchrest Club is opening a "Factory Class" for new shooters at all of our regularly scheduled  matches. Our sister club in NC already holds factory class matches at each of their matches also and have been very successfull at it. If your interested in trying out one of your rifles to see what it will do then come on over for a match. You will fire against other factory rifles only. The matches will continue to be held throughout year. 5 shot groups will be recorded for your record target using standard benchrest scores and procedures.

Rules are:

  factory barrel

  factory chamber

  factory stock (without any attachements except a recoil pad)

  glass bedding and floating of the barrel channel

  trigger reworked or replacement trigger.

  after market muzzle brakes allowed

That's it. Other than that... let's line'um up and may the best shooter win!

Some prepartory work will be necessary to ensure success in hitting paper once your at the range. Tapered bases or the Burris Posi-Line rings using their offset ring inserts that give you 20+ MOA slope without binding the tube is highly recommended. Leupold also make a "long range" one piece base mount that has 15 or 20 MOA built into it if you already own the Leupold style rings. Many regular 1,000yd BR shooters use the Burris rings with much success.

Some guidelines for what rifles to use are: Anything that will keep a bullet supersonic at 1000yds. This can be anything from a 243 Win using the heavier 90-100gr weight match bullets all the way up to the 30 caliber magnums with 180gr+ weight bullets. If your going to use the heavy match bullets, be careful to match your bullet weigh to the twist in your rifles. Most bullet manufacturers print the minimum recommended twist to stabilize a particular bullet right on the box. If you can't find this information contact any of the club members below and they will help you determine what you can or can't use.
Scopes can be anything from 12X minimum up to what ever you have. Approx. 20X is a good recommended power to use. It would be preferable if the scope had target knobs on it for ease of adjustment, but you can get away with standard knobs with some special consideration and thought before hand.

The best rule of thumb for you to do at home before coming to a match would be to sight your rifle in at 100yds to impact 30" high and you should be in the ball park with a high BC bullet out of todays rifle calibers. If you can't get your rifle to adjust to 30" high at 100yds without runnig out of clicks, then you're probably not going to have enough adjustment range to get on paper at 1000yds. If you run into this problem, contact one of the club members below and they wil help you.

For Information/help Contact:

  Danny Brooks @ (540) 399-1620

  Rob Ritchie @ (540) 439-3613

  Herman Harke @ (540) 898-6753

  Jeff Walker @ (540) 399-1834


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